Monthly Archives: February 2010

A New Review

As Ms. Parrish is apt to do, every word feels intentionally and methodically chosen for its effect on the reader, be it emotional or visual.  And as Z’thandra goes about her daily routine and is spit on and wrongfully accused … Continue reading

The Thing About Facebook

Dear Facebook, I’m sorry, but this just isn’t working out. I’m sure you’ve noticed that I’ve been spending less and less time with you these days, and the fact is I think we need to break up. I’ve changed, you’ve … Continue reading

Poor Paperclips

It is not safe to be a paperclip around my house. I bend them, twist them, chew on them…I’m not easy on paperclips. It’s becoming a bit of a problem, actually. Not only because I am running out and thus, … Continue reading

Nice Things

I’ve never actually considered my stories my babies (I only have one of those and her name is Danica) but I do want people to like them, so it makes me happy when they do. There’s another review of Shades … Continue reading

Release Day :)

Today is the official release day for Shades of Green. I’m a weird mixture of feelings including nervous, excited and disbelieving. Plus I’m stressy and worried about non-book related stuff. I’m nervous and excited for sort of obvious reasons. One … Continue reading