Monthly Archives: December 2009


Things are a weird (and quite surreal) mixture of incredibly laid-back and stressy-busy around here these days. It’s odd, and not great for productivity. Still, I sent out my newsletter today. It included the cover for Shades of Green (in … Continue reading

Delayed Newsletter

This is just a super quick note, not even a blog entry really, to say the newsletter is going to be late this month because I’m up to my eyeballs with work (including line edits for SHADES OF GREEN yay!). … Continue reading

I Haz a Cover!

I just heard back from Tyree at Sam’s Dot Publishing and Shades of Green has had its release date bumped a little bit to February 1st, 2010. What’s a bit more exciting is that it also has a cover now. … Continue reading

Book Pages

What do you look for in a book page? I had a moment of ‘Zomg! Look at the date!’ yesterday, which was just enough to get my butt in gear working on spreading the word about SHADES OF GREEN since … Continue reading

We Have a Winner :)

Well, NaNo is over, and I’m so happy it is. I was not loving it this year. Okay, that is a huge understatement. I hated it. I resented every minute spent working on ‘NaNo’ stuff. What I really wanted to … Continue reading