Interview with Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling

Back in May I read and reviewed Troll’s Eye View which is a great YA/MG anthology edited by Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling. It looks at fairy tales and re-tells them from the villain’s point of view (Review is here). When I was done I passed the book on to Danica, who enjoyed it very much. I was going to ask Ellen and Terri for an interview for Niteblade but then I got thinking. Danica is more the target audience for this book than I am, so why not have her conduct the interview?

Ellen and Terri consented to the interview and I put it up on Niteblade yesterday. Please check it out and leave a comment. I think Dani did a great job at coming up with questions and Ellen and Terri are made of awesome too.

Interview with Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling

More Peekchures

I’m in the awkward position of having “big news” but it’s not official yet…and my psuedo-secret project is sort of connected to it (sort of) so I can’t talk about it yet either. Soon, I hope, but not yet. So that leaves me with pictures. I have lots of vacation pictures so I’m going to share a few more. I appreciate that you’d likely enjoy more writing and less photos, but I’m bound by superstition and pragmatism from discussing the exciting things in my writing career right now. Please, bear with me.

I think it was our third day in San Francisco that we had lunch with S.G. Browne and then walked by the Palace of Fine Arts on our way to the Golden Gate Bridge. It was a longish walk, and I ended up with a sunburn, but still a lovely way to spend the day.

Plus, I got cool shots. Like these two of the Palace of Fine Arts:

Palace of Fine Arts


This one of the Golden Gate Bridge:


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Birds! :)

I have more pictures. Are you tired of pictures? I hope not because there are loads more where these came from.

These are all bird pictures I took at Pier 39. After we’d finished walking around and such we stopped to have soft pretzels (I think it may have been my first big pretzel ever in life…which is weird since I love pretzels) on the grass. Let me tell you about this grass, it was the springiest grass I’ve ever felt in my life. It felt so good under my sore feet, and my butt. There were loads of birds all around us…most of which we didn’t bribe over with food.



I know some people hate pigeons, but I love them. When I was a kid we lived on a farm and had pigs, chickens, turkeys and geese. One day a pigeon came to live with them. He was totally tame and would hang out on us kids’ heads and shoulders, and is famous for sitting on my mom’s head and pulling her hairs out one by one. We loved him and named him Coo. Ever since then I’ve had a soft spot in my heart for these rats with wings 🙂


I don’t know what most of these birds are, actually. Mostly they are just little feathered beings that I think are intriguing, beautiful and pretty darn smart.

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Why Are The Clocks Melting?

My flash fiction piece, “Why are the Clocks Melting?” is up at Everyday Fiction today. So far the readers haven’t been very fond of it, but I still like it LOL I think some people might be looking too hard for meaning or satire. It was just meant to be an amusing little piece that was inspired when I asked ‘What if?’

*shrugs* Can’t win them all I guess. 🙂

July 2009 Newsletter

The newsletter is done. Yay! 🙂

I’ve just finished mailing it off, so if you are subscribed it will be in your inbox very soon. If you’re not subscribed you’re missing out on a fun flash story, a haiku and a lil surprise. If you don’t want to miss out next month you should sign up now.

/lame self-promotion

Sorry, I slip into salesperson mode every now and then. It’s annoying, but I really want people to subscribe and I don’t know how else to encourage that. Anyway, tomorrow I’ll be back to vacation photos and no sales pitches 🙂

Belated Newsletter, but…

There is just no way I’m going to be able to get my newsletter done today. I have two clients who need rush work done and I had to take my daughter to the orthodontist, that means my time is at an even bigger premium than it usually is today. However, I snuck some time in between jobs to pick some of my favorite pictures from our second day in San Francisco and resize the pics to share here. I hope that makes up for it — I mean really, I have sea lions. Sea lions rock!


This is Alcatraz as seen from Pier 39, which is where we went on day two in San Francisco. Looking at it now, I think I should have adjusted the colors on it before sharing but then we run into that lack of time thing again LOL

Sea Lions

I don’t think it would be inaccurate to say that the sea lions where the highlight of the trip for me. I <3 them. I’ve seen them in the zoo, of course, and at West Edmonton Mall, but seeing them ‘in the wild’ was incredible. I don’t know what exactly it is about them that I adore so much. I love their noise, their cute little faces, the way they pile on one another, how obviously intelligent they are. How they bend their heads all the way back, how they fight and play. I just love them. Thus…there were a lot of sea lion pictures taken that day 🙂

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Vacation Photos

I’m back.

If other people’s vacation photos bore you, you may want to skip this entry…and the next couple that follow it 🙂

We had a fabulous time in San Francisco. The highlights included a visit to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Alcatraz, Pier 39 and the Golden Gate Bridge. Now we begin the task of settling back into the routine at home and, if you’re me, getting back to work (Jo and Dani still have some time off). In the meantime, I’m going to cling to my vacation a little longer by sharing some of my favorite pictures with you guys over the next few days. Don’t hate me.


I love birds. I also love photographing birds, so you’ll see a lot of bird pictures LOL. This seagull was sitting atop the waterfall that you walked under to see the Martin Luther King memorial in Yerba Buena park (at least, I think that’s the name of the park).

Birdy #2
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News :)

Blue JayI am very addicted to Tim Horton’s coffee. Almost as addicted as I am to World of Warcraft. I always said I should take a camera with me on the walk to Tims (which I make at least once a day). There are three Tim’s within walking distance from my house, but my favorite is on 118th Avenue. It’s not that long a walk, about 20 minutes each way, but it takes me through the playground of the school I volunteer in, near the abandoned hospital that intrigues me (and is where Deadmonton starts) and through a small wooded park. I always see something interesting on my travels, but never have the camera to record any of it. Until this time.

I took the camera with me the other day, and managed to get a picture of this blue jay. I got a few other great pictures, including one of a squirrel who really didn’t want me near his tree and a magpie that was sitting at the very top of a giant pine tree, looking quite majestic.

This story, by the way, has nothing to do with the news I wanted to share today, but I wanted an excuse to post the picture, so there you go 🙂

So right, news. I’ve got some 🙂

Firstly, my poem, Fae, is in this month’s issue of Lorelei Signal. I love the illustration that Holly Eddy did for it. It’s very nice 🙂

Also, there has been a new review of Sister Margaret that I’m very excited about 🙂 Anna, of Genre Reviews said:

Is it possible for a story to be simultaneously grim and fun? Because this one pretty much is. In the spirit of urban fantasy, there’s equal parts intrigue and action, the battle against an evil vampire, and a plethora of folks living in a gritty reality. I loved Bayne, who isn’t really a sidekick but fills the quirky content nicely, and the plot twist at the end is a great one, unexpected but logical.

She said more too, of course 🙂 You can see the whole review here –> Sister Margaret by Rhonda Parrish

My last bit of news for today is that I’m going on vacation to San Francisco. Yay! We are leaving on Sunday and will be gone for a week. While I’m away I will be completely offline, I’m not even taking my laptop in order to force myself to not work, at least for a little while. I will see you when I get back though 🙂

I’ll leave you with a picture of Danica finishing up her ice cap from the aforementioned trip to Tims. Why? Because I think she’s awesome.

Danica and an Ice Cap