Monthly Archives: May 2009

I Haz PeekChures

I’ve wanted to get a decent camera for a very long time now. I finally did it. I bought a Nikon d60 this weekend. I’m told it’s a pretty good camera for a photography newbie, and I definitely fall into … Continue reading

Halloween in May

Belinda McBride is having a Halloween in May event at her blog and on her mailing list. All month she has been having guest bloggers pop by and write about paranormal expiriences, Samhain or Halloween. I am lucky enough to … Continue reading

Memoirist of the Day Take Two

I’m the memoirist of the day over at SmithMag again today. Yay! You can read my six word story here if you’re interested. Wheee! Now I’m off to think of something to write for the guest blogging spot I think … Continue reading

Pontypool. I Surrender. For Now.

I really wanted to love this book. I truly did, but I don’t. Part of the problem, I suspect, is that I am wildly crazy in love with the movie…and the book is not the same as the movie. At … Continue reading

This is only a test

…I think I may have figured out my crossposting problem — I was making things far more difficult than they needed to be. That is, if I HAVE figured out the issue. Wish me luck. ETA: It worked! Yay! This … Continue reading

Scattered Verses, Moonlit Curses

A couple months ago I was asked by Monsters Next Door editor, LB Goddard if I would care to contribute something to an upcoming poetry anthology. Would I? I was so flattered to be invited to submit that I practically … Continue reading

The Third Dead Body

I have a new favorite zombie short story. I love zombie fiction so I read a fair bit of it and thus my current favorite changes regularly. However, it’s going to take something pretty special to replace “The Third Dead … Continue reading

Interview with Conrad Williams

Remember that interview with Conrad Williams that I said was upcoming at the Niteblade blog? It’s there now –> Check it Out <– 🙂

Why didn’t I think of that?

Recently while at brunch with some good friends, one of them looked at me and said “Rhonda, why don’t you just write a bestseller and buy a villa in Tuscany already?” Write a bestseller. Just like that, easy peasy. Now … Continue reading


One of my favorite questions in the world to answer is ‘What does your husband do?’. The most accurate answer is that he teaches biochemistry at the University of Alberta, but the more fun answer is ‘He’s a scientist’. It’s … Continue reading

May Newsletter

The May newsletter went out today — a day late. The irritating part about that is I actually had it done ahead of time and still managed to forget to send it out. *sigh* Baby steps, I suppose. 🙂