Monthly Archives: April 2009

Lots of News

I have loads of news today. I like it when that happens. Firstly, Sister Margaret is now available from Fictionwise. That means you can pick it up for less than two bucks. This makes me very happy. >> Sister Margaret … Continue reading

Leaving You Breathless

*happy dance* Clare Revell reviewed Sister Margaret at her blog today and said: The book kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. It was fast paced from the start and its twists and turns make for … Continue reading

White Rabbit

I’m late. I am so late with this month’s newsletter. Originally I was waiting until the 16th to put it out because I was going to the hairdressers on the 15th and I thought it would be fun to take … Continue reading

Featured Author @ RedRosesForAuthors

I keep wanting to put spaces between the words RedRosesForAuthors but that’s not how Linda writes it, so I’ll do it her way. Especially since she was nice enough to make me the featured author today at RedRosesForAuthors 🙂 She … Continue reading


I’m obsessed with Pontypool. Go ahead, say it out loud. Pontypool. It’s fun 🙂 It’s also a brilliant movie and I’ve been obsessed with it ever since Jo, Danica and I saw it a couple weeks ago. It’s not perfect … Continue reading

Winners :)

So I gave away a couple free copies of Sister Margaret yesterday. The first, was given to a random subscriber to my newsletter — Helene won that one. Congrats! The second went to Wired for commenting on my blog post … Continue reading

Sister Margaret Release Day

Today is the day. Sister Margaret is now available as a Coffee Break Selection from Eternal Press. Yay! >> Click Here to read an excerpt and see how to order << Sister Margaret is a short story about a vampire … Continue reading

Calendar Fail

Apparently I fail at calendars. It’s sad but true. Did you know that April 7th is Tuesday? If so, then you don’t fail like I do LoL For some reason I kept thinking it was Wednesday so I had things … Continue reading