Monthly Archives: March 2009

Sister Margaret Reviews

The reviews for Sister Margaret are starting to come in, and they are making me very happy. Yay! The most recent review was by Puss Reboots and she said, in part, “The vampires therefore are just one of many different … Continue reading

Scattered Verses, Moonlit Curses

When the editor of ‘The Monsters Next Door’ invited me to submit something to her upcoming poetry anthology I was blown away. I’ve never been personally invited to submit to an anthology before! You can bet your butt I was … Continue reading

Rhysling Nomination

My haiku, Lovers, has been nominated for a Rhysling Award! I probably should have shared that in a more restrained manner, but I’m so incredibly honored and flabberghasted that I just had to blurt it out — especially after forcing … Continue reading

Exciting News

I have some pretty exciting news, but I’ve decided to wait and share it first on my newsletter (which comes out on the 15th). Does that make me bratty? I don’t mind if it does, I just thought I’d check … Continue reading

Niteblade Issue 7 and More

So first of all, the new issue of Niteblade is out 🙂 This one is full to bursting with awesome-ness. Seriously. The cover piece is a poem called “Sentry” by Greg Schwartz, a deliciously evil poem that I just adore. … Continue reading