Monthly Archives: February 2009

Newsletter-y Goodness

In just a couple hours I will be sending out this month’s newsletter. I’m holding off because I just posted about this to one of my writing groups and a mailing list so I’m hoping a couple other people will … Continue reading

Interview at Abandoned Towers

I was interviewed by Abandoned Towers quite some time ago. Unfortunately there was a delay in posting the interview (my fault, not theirs), but it’s up now! You can check it out >> Interview with Rhonda Parrish << if you’d … Continue reading

Random Facts

I got tagged to do a meme similar to this not that long ago, but here I am again. There is a meme to share 25 random facts about yourself floating around Facebook and I posted this there as well, … Continue reading

“Daddy” @ Every Day Poets

My poem, Daddy, is up at Every Day Poets. The comments have been very positive, which is, as you can imagine, wonderful. It’s especially nice in this case because the poem is (as you may have guessed from the title) … Continue reading