Monthly Archives: December 2008

Interview With Carrie Jones

Carrie Jones’ latest book NEED comes out today and I interviewed her about it over at Niteblade. Take a peek and leave a comment, I know Carrie loves comments, and I do too 🙂 Interview with Carrie Jones

Newsletter #1

I just sent my first newsletter out. I’m a bit nervous. I hope I’m not suddenly flooded by a bunch of people unsubscribing because it wasn’t what they thought it would be. I wrote it like a letter to a … Continue reading

Appearances and Updates

How’s the weather where you’re at? Here it’s freaking freezing. It’s been about -30 (before wind chill) here for a few days now. That’s celcius, but I think celcius and farenheit meet up around -40 and it’s been that cold … Continue reading

Interviewing David Drake

At the World Fantasy Convention I became a fan of several people even before reading anything they’d ever written, I also added people to the (very small) list of authors whose books I will never buy, again without reading a … Continue reading

Reviewed at The Fix

Shiny #4 was reviewed at The Fix and because my story, “Skitter Skitter” was in it, that means it got a review too. I love reviews. Love them. Even negative reviews…as long as they say something constructive rather than just … Continue reading

Niteblade #6: Oh, Christmas Tree

The new issue of Niteblade is out and it’s full of awesome. The cover story this month, appropriately enough, is “Oh, Christmas Tree” by S. Alan Fox. It’s an awesome bit of flash that I guarantee you will not regret … Continue reading