Muse Online Writers Conference

Last year I “attended” The Muse Online Writers Conference and I had a lot of fun, and this year I’m attending again, as a participant and presenter both! Eeek!

My “workshop” is actually going to mostly be a Q&A session in a forum regarding Niteblade, but still I’m nervous. What if no one comes? That would suck LoL I noticed last year there were a couple forums that had no one posting in them and I don’t want to be one of those places.

So please, if you’re attending, and you totally should if you’re a writer, pop by the ‘Meet Rhonda Parrish of Niteblade Magazine’ forum a couple times during the week to keep me company, okay?

Based on my expiriences last year, I also highly reccomend anything run/taught by TC McMullen and Karina Fabian’s world building workshop was also very good.

Go here now to sign up if you haven’t already. All you do is join the mailing list and then in September Lea will send you all the information you need to official register and pick what workshops and such you’re going to attend.