Introducing Gunter

I don’t know if there is any interest in this, but I do want to start sharing more than ‘I got published’ entries. What follows below the cut is the result of my combining two writing exercises from NaNoLJers (‘Character Creation‘ and the ‘It’s Hot!‘).

Meet Gunter, he’s going to be the main character of a novel I’m working on in my brain at the moment (tentatively planned to follow ‘Deadmonton’ in my “writing schedule” lol). I hope you’re intrigued by him, because I plan to do quite a few exercises with him as I get to know him before I begin writing the novel with him in it 🙂

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First Page of Deadmonton

Carrie Jones had an entry on her blog recently which encouraged people to post the first page of their current work in progress. I thought that was a very good idea — so I’m going to share the first page of my Edmonton-based zombie novel, Deadmonton. I hope you enjoy it…or at least are intrigued.

This contains a fair bit of foul language, so read at your own risk.

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Published @ The Shine Journal

I admit it. I like Pamela Tyree Griffin which makes me biased, but I also like The Shine Journal. My work has appeared in it numerous times and I was honored to be one of the judges for their ‘Show Us Your Shorts’ contest earlier this year.

I’ve got two pieces in this month’s issue. If you were to judge them based solely on their titles it might seem as though they were similar, when in fact, they aren’t. Not even close.

The first, Sheltered, is a reprint of an amusing little flash which was originally published by the Mennonite Publishing Network last year.


It really was. 🙂

The other is a sad poem I wrote entitled “A House Not a Home“. My great-grandmother was a poet and she wrote a poem after her beloved husband died which compared herself to an empty house; lonely and alone. Not so long ago my own husband was out of town on business and I saw a writing prompt that included a picture of a decrepit house. My loneliness, my great-grandmother’s poem and that picture all combined to inspire this short poem.

I hope you have time to check them out and let me know what you think 🙂

Inspiration Published

My poem, Inspiration, is in this month’s issue of . I’m a fan of, and not just because I’ve had my work in two issues…though that definitely helps :). Really, though, if you’re a writer it’s a paying market with a wonderful and personable editor, and if you’re a reader it’s a great venue for reading fantasy works — free.

Anyway, Inspiration is online there now. I’d like to tell you what inspired it, but ironically, I can’t remember LOL However, I do remember that when Scott accepted it he said ‘How could I say no to a poem that starts with the line, Her thighs are spread and trembling?’

How indeed 😉