Monthly Archives: January 2008

HWA Newsletter

Marge Simon honored me by offering me the chance to guest write the Dark Poetry column for the HWA Newsletter. I was so intimidated, I can’t even begin to explain to you — but I did it. The end result … Continue reading


One day I was sitting at my computer trying to think of a good word to use as the Word of the Week at NaNoLJers. My husband, Jo, suggested I use the word ‘denouement’. He was totally being a smart … Continue reading

Preditors & Editors Poll

It’s Preditors & Editors Poll time 🙂 Please pop on over to and vote for all your favorite novels, authors, poets, artists magazines etc. etc. Niteblade and I are nominated in a few categories and if you feel like … Continue reading

Jim C. Hines

I had the pleasure of interviewing Jim C. Hines for Niteblade. We talked a bit about goblins and a lot about princesses. Why? Well, because his brand new novel The Stepsister Scheme just got released today 🙂 My copy was … Continue reading

Anti-Spam Tests

I’m in the process of adding some plug-ins, mostly to try and stop spam but allow me to accept comments. I mention this, really, only because I need a test post to work on and this is it 🙂

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! I’m lucky enough to be starting my new year with a bit of flash and a poem at Shine — yay! Coffee, my rictameter about, you guessed it, coffee and Not So Smart are both online now … Continue reading