A Little Housekeeping

The breeze I can feel brushing across my knuckles as I try to write tells me two things. First, that I need to seal my windows and move my desk away from them and second that the year is drawing to a close. With the latter in mind I’ve done a little bit of housekeeping. My Publications page now lists upcoming publications only and it will contain my publishing credits for 2008 as they occur. I’ve created a sub-page to list all my publications for 2006 and 2007 that’s also easily accessible. I think this may be a much neater way of handling things than having everything on one page.

I’ve also decided to stop posting notices about my acceptances as well as the subsequent publications, I will, however, post occasional updates on my WIPs, especially my novels. I’ll try not to make them simple word count updates 🙂

And “They Found the Dog First” Makes Four…

I really want a tee shirt from the Giant Squid at Poor Mojo’s Almanac(k) and to get one I need to have five pieces accepted by them. I’m getting closer to my goal — They Found the Dog First makes the fourth story I’ve had published at PMjA.

Unfortunately, They Found the Dog First is a true story, which certainly taints any joy I may have at its publication and prevents me from saying I hope you ‘enjoy’ it. I do, however, hope you read it.

The Whip Published

My kinky rictameter, The Whip, has been published at Oysters and Chocolate. As the adjective ‘kinky’ might imply, neither Oysters and Chocolate or my poem are suitable for anyone under 18 or easily offended, so please click with caution. The Whip is my second poem to appear in O and C, and a third, Tapestry, is due to appear sometime in the new year 🙂