Layout Changes

I apologize for the site being down briefly this afternoon, I was upgrading the blog script and then playing around with new layouts.  Unfortunately, none of the layouts I liked would accommodate my ‘Pages’ links, and, frankly, I’m too lazy to try and figure out how to incorporate them — for today anyway.

Okay, back to writing.

Accepted @ The Flask Review

My flash piece, Not So Smart, has been accepted for Issue #12 at The Flask Review.  Yay.

“Not So Smart” is a story that was inspired by a Word of the Week prompt at NaNoLJers.  Again, I find myself surprised by the high proportion of WotW stories I’ve written that have found homes in markets, surprised, but happily.  I think I’ll take this as a cue to write some more WotW stories, now all I need to do is fine some “spare” time before November arrives and brings NaNoWriMo with it.

I’ll post a link to the story once it’s published 🙂