Fatherhood Published

I just got home from a wonderful vacation to find a contributor’s copy of the latest IdeaGems publication waiting in my mailbox.  My drabble, Fatherhood, was reprinted in it this month.  This marks the third time that particular story has been published, so I think I’m going to stop submitting it for a while.  I really like it, but I think it’s time some of my other stories got a chance to shine. 😉

Wrong Turn Accepted

“Wrong Turn” a short story inspired by the NaNoLJers Word of the Week “Labyrinth” has been accepted for publication at Sorcerous Signals.  That is a wonderful way to start the month of July if you ask me 🙂  I can’t wait until it gets published this fall because it’s one of my favorite stories — in fact, it’s one I’ve mentioned here before when I was talking about the balancing act between trusting your reader and smacking them in the face with ideas.  I look forward to seeing what the readers of Sorcerous Signals think of it 🙂