Poetry Accepted @ La Fenetre

I’ve had two poems accepted at La Fenetre 🙂  The first is a rictameter called “Lazy” that I wrote one morning chastising myself (bet you can guess what for LoL).

The second poem, “Ms. Chong’s Room” is a poem for kids (complete with rhymes) about a teacher named Ms. Chong.  My daughter’s grade two teacher was named Ms. Chong, I helped out two mornings a week in her classroom all last year, and this year, though my daughter is in grade three I still help out in Ms. Chong’s room two mornings a week.  Is the title of a poem a coincidence?  I think not 😉

The Doll

Another piece of flash fiction a’la moi has found somewhere to call home.  “The Doll” is a very short, but powerful, story that is due to make an appearance in Burst Literary Ezine this fall.  Yay!  You’re going to love this one — honest.  I wish I could offer a sneak peek but for somewhat obvious reasons that’s not going to happen 🙂

Bondage Whore

My BDSM sonnet, Bondage Whore, has been published at Oysters & Chocolate 🙂  I’m really quite impressed with Oysters & Chocolate and hope to see more of my work there in the future…of course, that means I need to submit more LOL In the meantime, please check out the poem IF you are over 18 and IF you’re not easily offended.

A Nice Surprise

When I popped over to SHINE today to check out my poem, Sandcastle #5 that was due to be published there yesterday I got an interesting surprise.  Not only was my poem published, but my WMD drabble was as well.  I knew I’d submitted it but according to my records I was still waiting for a response.  As far as surprises go, that’s a good one 🙂

So yeah, check out my haiku, Sandcastle #5 and my WMD drabble at SHINE 🙂