My daughter, who is nine, has recently started writing quite a bit of poetry — and some of it shows promise, especially when she stops trying to force rhymes LOL. Right now I’m just supporting her…if she keeps it up maybe someday I’ll help her revise and edit her work, but for now I don’t want to point out the weaknesses of it, I just want to foster her talent.

This morning she came to me with a new poem called ‘Dragon’s Breath’ and asked me to help her submit it to publishers.  I told her I would, though I intend to shield her from rejections as much as I can — or at least share some of my own to help dull the pain for her.  Maybe, though, those revision lessons aren’t too far in the future.

On another note it occurred to me that my writing website doesn’t actually feature any of my writing LOL I think maybe after pieces have been published if I still retain the rights to do so, I may post some of them up here.  It seems like a reasonable thing to do, doesn’t it?  I thought so too 🙂  Look for it in the future.

Trusting Your Audience

I read a lot about trusting your audience and not spelling everything out for them, and I’ve often thought that’s an area I have some difficulty in — I always want to make_absolutely_certain that everything is crystal clear…which, I think, comes from a couple years of writing for the adult entertainment industry LOL  Alas, it is often to the detriment of the story I think.

Recently I wrote a story and resisted the urge to draw everything out for my reader, trusting them to be able to put one and one together and get two.  I took a deep breath and submitted it to a publisher — who rejected it.  However, I got some very enlightening feedback regarding it — it seems I may have left too much unsaid this time.

I think it’s going to take some practice to get the balance right on this one LOL

There’s Always a Catch Accepted

My short story, “There’s Always a Catch” has been accepted at Mount Zion Speculative Fiction — yay!  I’m very excited not only because it’s another awesome publication credit in a great magazine but because part of my payment is a contributor’s copy, and I wanted to read the magazine anyway 🙂

Yes, I really am that easy to please.

I’m not sure when it’s due to be published, but to say that I’m happy would be a serious understatement.

Big Bear Accepted at T-Zero

“Big Bear” is a flash story I wrote based on my time working as a bartender in little village called Milo.  I worked as a bartender there for a few years (three I think) and in that time I gathered enough material to create boat-loads of incredible characters.

Right now I’m pretty stoked about the story because it’s been accepted for publication at T-Zero which is a paying market *cheers* Rumor is the story will be in the May issue — I’ll keep you updated for sure.